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Leader/HR Preview Page

Thank you for your support promoting 2020 Benefits Enrollment and our new health & well-being launch! Our goal is to ensure that associates fully understand their benefit options, the changes for 2020 and that if they want to enroll or make changes to their benefits, they must do so during the benefits enrollment period October 30─November 22.

Your Role

Please take a moment to review these communications. Do not share these communications with associates until all benefits enrollment materials have been delivered to associates' home address in October.

Preview of Communications

2020 Launch Mailer

2020 Launch Mailers sent to associates’ homes on October 18.

Note: versions will vary by audience.

Benefits Enrollment Poster

Enrollment Posters shipped to work locations on October 18 for display.

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Benefits Enrollment Flyer

Enrollment Flyers shipped to work locations on October 18 to distribute.

Employee Meeting Presentation

Use this presentation to host an Employee Meeting.

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Benefits Overview Brochure

Benefits Overview Brochure shipped to work locations on October 18 to use in your Employee Meeting.

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TV Monitor Ads

Sent to Corporate Communications to be displayed on TV monitors.

Monitor Ad #1 should be displayed from Oct 30—Nov 11.

Monitor Ad #2 should be displayed from Nov 12—Nov 22.