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Move to Aetna: One Care Path

We’re moving to one carrier—Aetna—for many of our benefit plans in 2022. We are consolidating and streamlining our carriers to give you One Care Path, making navigating your benefits easier and more convenient. You’ll get the care you need without the hassle!

Beginning January 1, 2022, the following plans will be provided through Aetna:

In addition, these plans are moving to Aetna preferred carriers in 2022:

Plan Moving to
Prescription drugs (included in your Sysco-sponsored medical plan) Aetna/CVS
Telehealth and Virtual Behavioral Health services Teladoc
Health Savings Account (HSA), Health Care and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) PayFlex

See a full list of the 2022 carrier changes

Watch this video to learn more about Aetna!

Important Note: As a result of the move to Aetna in 2022, the Sysco-sponsored National HMO medical plan will no longer be offered in certain areas. Associates who are impacted by this change will receive a targeted communication in October, and if they are currently enrolled in the Sysco-sponsored National HMO medical plan in 2021, they will be required to select another medical plan option during the annual benefits enrollment period held October 27 through November 17. If impacted associates who are currently enrolled do not actively select another medical plan option during the benefits enrollment period, they will not have medical coverage in 2022.

Are Your Current Providers in the Aetna Network?

Take time now to look up your medical, dental, behavioral health and any other current providers to make sure they are in the Aetna network.

Click here to see if your provider is in the Aetna network. You will be prompted to select a plan name. The plan names will include the medical plans below:

Need Help? Click here for instructions on Aetna’s network search tool.

If your current doctor, behavioral health provider or other providers are not in the Aetna network, you can use the Aetna Find a Doctor look-up on to find Aetna network doctors near you.

The Aetna pharmacy network has almost 10,000 pharmacies in the U.S. If you enroll in a Sysco-sponsored national medical plan for 2022, you’ll use Aetna/CVS network pharmacies to fill your prescription drugs. To look up retail pharmacies in your area, go to Find a Pharmacy, then under “Select a Plan” choose the “Aetna National Pharmacy Network” and learn more about CVS Caremark® Mail Service Pharmacy services here (available as of January 1, 2022). For maintenance drugs after two monthly refills, you must fill them as a 90-day supply through CVS Caremark® Mail Service Pharmacy or through a CVS retail location.

Specialty prescriptions must be filled through CVS. You can do so by dropping off the specialty prescription at an CVS retail pharmacy. You will be given the opportunity to pick it up at the CVS retail pharmacy or receive by mail.

For your convenience, we’ve also added a Find an Aetna Provider link to the Find a Provider page on

Transition of Care Services

If you are currently receiving care during a pregnancy, undergoing treatment for a serious illness such as cancer or certain behavioral health conditions, or you have a surgery scheduled, not to worry! Transition of care services will be offered so you can continue working with your current care team for a designated period of time. You will need to complete a transition of care form. The form is located in the Plan Information section in the Total Rewards Café. Starting January 1, 2022, you can also contact a Healthcare Advocate for assistance with the form.

Healthcare Advocate—available January 1, 2022

If you enroll in one of the four Sysco-sponsored national medical plans administered by Aetna for 2022, starting January 1, a Healthcare Advocate will be available to help you with all of your benefits needs throughout the year, including managing claims, finding providers and understanding your benefits. These services will be offered at no cost to those who enroll in a Sysco-sponsored medical plan in 2022. You’ll learn more about how a Healthcare Advocate can help you navigate your One Care Path later this year.

New ID Cards

Everyone who enrolls in a Sysco-sponsored medical plan for 2022 will receive a new medical ID card from Aetna. You can expect to receive your ID card by early January.

Savings and Spending Account Transitions

If you have a Sysco Health Savings Account (HSA) through Fidelity in 2021, you will have the option to transfer your existing account balance to PayFlex in 2022. HSA contributions as of January 1, 2022, will be deposited through PayFlex. You’ll be contacted about the balance transfer process before the end of the year. If you carry over any Health Care or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account funds from 2021 to 2022, those funds will transfer to PayFlex in 2022 you will also be contacted about this balance.

Other Changes Starting January 1, 2022

Medical Rate Increase

The cost of healthcare continues to rise in the U.S., impacting Sysco at a company level and as individual participants. We provide tools, resources and education to help you make the most of your benefits and manage your healthcare costs each year. In 2022, the increase to Sysco’s medical premiums will be minimal. Rates for each plan will be available in the enrollment system beginning October 27.

Medical Plan Changes

The Sysco-sponsored medical plans will be provided by Aetna and will include the following enhancements:

  • New Autism Services – The Sysco-sponsored medical plans will cover Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy, Autism Spectrum Disorder Behavioral Therapy, advocacy services and additional therapies, which help improve social, communication and learning skills through reinforcement strategies (upon confirmation of medical necessity).
  • Hearing Aid Benefit – There will be a $3,000 maximum per five years.
  • CVS MinuteClinic Visits – Covered at 100% with no copay or deductible (except the HSA, deductible applies first but then covered at 100% after deductible).

To see full details of the medical plans, see the Summary Plan Description (SPD) in the Total Rewards Café.

Save More with Telehealth in 2022!

Telehealth, offered by Teladoc in 2022, is an easy and cost-efficient alternative to expensive ER and urgent care visits. It’s available 24/7/365 over the phone or video chat—from the comfort of your home. Teladoc will also offer Virtual Behavioral Health services in 2022!

Prescription Drug Changes

The prescription drug coverage that is included in your Sysco-sponsored medical plan will be provided by CVS, an Aetna preferred carrier. There will be some changes to the prescription drug coverage:

  • Sysco will implement the Aetna Value Drug List, which means that certain medications, supplements and products will be available at no cost to you. The Aetna Value Drug List is available on beginning January 1, 2022.
  • Maintenance Choice will be a feature of your plan. This is mandatory after 2 monthly retail refills. The prescription can only be filled in 90-day supplies through a CVS retail location or through Caremark® Mail Service Pharmacy. If any of your prescriptions are impacted during the transition to the Aetna pharmacy network, you will receive notification directly from Aetna. Please keep an eye out for any communications from Aetna/CVS.
  • Sysco will also implement the Exclusive Specialty Drug List, which means that certain specialty drugs will be offered at $0 copays for those who enroll in PrudentRx. The Exclusive Specialty Drug List is available on beginning January 1, 2022.

Please note: most active prior authorizations will transfer to the Aetna pharmacy plan.

Dental Plan Changes

The Dental Plans will be provided by Aetna. The plans will be the same for 2022, with one enhancement: the Premium Dental plan coverage will now include adult orthodontia benefits, as well as child orthodontia. Previously, it covered children to age 26 but offered no coverage for adults.

Life and AD&D Insurance Changes and Special Enrollment

Starting January 1, 2022, Life and AD&D insurance will be provided by MetLife and there will be a few minor changes to the benefits, including:

  • An increase on the Supplemental Life max to $1,750,000 (previously this was $1 Million)
  • The travel assist program, available to all associates who are eligible for Basic AD&D, will now be provided by AXA Assistance.

Special Enrollment Period for Life Insurance

There will be special Evidence of Insurability (EOI) rules during the 2022 annual benefits enrollment period October 27–November 17. During this period, the following rules will apply:

  • Supplemental Life. You may increase one level with no EOI.
    • Who’s eligible? Those who are not currently enrolled in any level of coverage in 2021 AND associates who are currently enrolled and above the guaranteed issue amount.
  • Spouse Life. You may increase one level with no EOI.
    • Who’s eligible? Those who are not currently enrolled in any level of coverage in 2021 AND associates who are currently enrolled and above the guaranteed issue amount.

Note: After the 2022 annual benefits enrollment period ends, regular EOI rules will resume. Regular EOI rules allow only those who are currently enrolled and under guaranteed issue amount to increase one level with no EOI.

Update your beneficiaries! While you are enrolling for your 2022 benefits in the Total Rewards Café enrollment system October 27–November 17, make sure to designate and/or update your beneficiaries.

When You’re Ready to Enroll

If you still have questions about your benefits options, explore the Benefits Warehouse to see the full array of benefits that Sysco offers you.

Once you’ve explored all of your benefit options, log in to the Total Rewards Café from October 27-November 17 and enroll!

Need help deciding? Contact the  Sysco Benefits Center or call 1-800-55-SYSCO for help!