Dependent Care FSA

Reduce your taxable income and reimburse yourself for day care and other related expenses. Available to eligible associates.

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The Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA) administered by PayFlex is used to reimburse yourself for day care, day camp or other expenses you pay because both you and your spouse work, your spouse goes to school full-time or your spouse isn’t mentally or physically able to care for themself. The DCFSA is not for health care costs.

The IRS has rules about eligible expenses. Learn more on the IRS website and speak with your tax advisor.

Saving and Using Your DCFSA Dollars

  • You can save from $100 to $5,000 each calendar year, unless you and your spouse file separate tax returns, in which case, the most you can save is $2,500.
  • You can roll over any remaining 2022 balance to 2023 under the provisions of the CARES Act. This means amounts that are unused in 2022 may carry over into 2023.
  • You can’t claim an expense using your FSA if you’ll also use that expense as a deduction or credit on your federal income tax return. Speak with your tax advisor for more information.

Keep things simple with the PayFlex Mobile® app, where you can manage your account, make payments, withdrawals and deposits and use a bar code scanner to see if an item is an eligible expense. Learn how here.

To learn more about managing your PayFlex account and to download the PayFlex Mobile® app, visit to

FSA Carry Over Funds from 2021 to 2022

If you are carrying over Health Care or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account funds from 2021 to 2022, the carry over funds will be deposited into your account by early May 2022. Your 2021 carry over balance can be used for 2022 eligible expenses once they are deposited into your 2022 PayFlex account.

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