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Assistance for everyday life, available to you and your family.

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Confidential Support for Everyday Issues

The Resources For Living Employee Assistance Program (EAP), administered by Aetna, is available at no cost to you and all members of your household. Read this brochure to learn more about the EAP.

The EAP will provide to you and your family members many resources.

  • Emotional well-being support includes access of up to five counseling sessions per issue each year. You can call 24 hours a day for in-the-moment emotional well-being support. Counseling sessions are available face-to-face or online with televideo and can help with a range of issues including relationship support, stress management, work/life balance, family issues, dealing with grief and loss, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and more.
  • The Daily Life Assistance program gives you personalized guidance to find resources to support childcare, parenting and adoption, school and financial aid research, caregiver support, and even resources to assist with your home repair.
  • Legal services that include a free 30-minute consultation with a participating attorney for topics such as family law, elder law and estate planning, real estate transactions, wills and other document preparation and many other services.
  • Financial services with a free 30-minute consultation for financial topics such as budgeting, retirement or financial planning, credit and debt issues, college funding, and tax and other IRS questions.
  • Online resources through a member website that includes articles and self-assessments, adult care and childcare provider search tools, a stress resource center, live and recorded webinars and a mobile app.

More About the EAP

It's Confidential
The EAP through Aetna is 100% confidential and your information is never shared with Sysco.

It's Free to You
The EAP is available to you and your family members at no cost to you. Sysco covers 100% of the cost.

Get Started Today
To begin using the EAP services, go to, enter username: sysco and password: eap. You can also call 1-888-238-6232.

EAP ‘Burnout’ Resources

Limited resources, long working hours, disruptions to sleep and to work-life balance, and concern about exposure to Covid-19, are causing physical and emotional fatigue for a lot of people. If you are feeling overwhelmed or are experiencing ‘burnout’, you’re not alone.

Here are some EAP resources to help and support you and your family. Remember, the Aetna Resources For Living EAP is available at no cost to you and all members of your household. 

If you need help today, call the Aetna Resources For Living EAP at 1-888-238-6232 or go to The username is Sysco and the password is eap.

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