Sysco Onsite Fitness Center (Houston Only)

Onsite Fitness Center with classes, equipment, and meal builder services

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Sysco colleagues working in the Houston, Texas area are eligible to join the SyscoFit Fitness Center at GSC (Global Service Center). SyscoFit members can take advantage of:

  • In-person and virtual exercise classes
  • Gym equipment, including treadmills, stairclimbers, ellipticals, cycles, spin cycles, AMTs (Adaptive Motion Trainer), rowers, selectorized weight machines, and free weights
  • Locker rooms with showers
  • Free meal builder services

Membership Fees

SyscoFit costs $6 per paycheck.

Hours of Operation

SyscoFit is open from Monday through Thursday, 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. CT.

How to Join SyscoFit

  1. Complete the Payroll Deduction Form.
  2. Complete the SyscoFit Access Request Form.
  3. Email both completed forms to

In-Person HIIT Classes

HIIT (high-intensity internal training) is a challenging, comprehensive, effective, and fun total body workout. You’ll alternate between short, intense anaerobic exercises and less intense recovery periods. Join this class to help burn fat, sculpt lean muscle mass, strengthen your core, and increase energy and endurance.

In-person classes are available Monday through Thursday at the following times:

  • 11:15 a.m. – 12 p.m. CT
  • 12:15 p.m. – 1 p.m. CT

In-person classes are usually held in our fitness center. If more space is needed, class will be held outside.

Virtual Classes

In addition to joining HIIT classes virtually, members can also take advantage of classes at home like:

  • Kettle ball workouts
  • Stretching routines
  • Meditations
  • Family workouts

Meal Builder Services

To take advantage of Meal Builder service, members must schedule an in-person or virtual nutrition consultation with Denzel. After the consultation, the member will receive a Meal Builder guide to help with their nutrition goals.

Wellness Consultations

Complimentary wellness consultations are available for all members. Contact Denzel Motley to schedule your consultation today!


For any additional questions, contact Denzel Motley at

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