Aetna Well-Being Resources

Aetna offers well-being resources to help you get and stay healthy and reach your well-being goals.

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You must be enrolled in a Sysco-sponsored national medical plan, administered by Aetna, to access these programs.

Aetna offers well-being resources to help you get and stay healthy and reach your well-being goals

Tobacco Cessation and Weight Management

CVS MinuteClinic® weight management and tobacco cessation wellness coaching programs are included as part of your Aetna medical benefits, covered under preventive services. These programs are available to all adults over 18 enrolled in a Sysco-sponsored national medical plan through Aetna.

The weight management program is a maximum of 26 obesity counseling sessions per year.  Ten of those visits can be used for healthy diet counseling. The smoking/tobacco cessation coaching is a maximum of 8 sessions per 12 floating months.  

To get started with the weight management and/or tobacco cessation wellness coaching program, go to Learn more here.

Digital Well-Being Coaching

Aetna provides digital well-being coaching in two ways, through tools called Your Health Goals and Your Health Education. You can work on well-being goals like being more active, losing weight, eating better, getting restful sleep, and more. 

Your Health Goals

With Your Health Goals, you select a health goal to work on through chatbot technology. You’ll be assigned daily activities to complete to help you reach your goal. Depending on your goal, the programs are one week or six weeks long.

Your Health Education

With Your Health Education, there are over 30 different digital coaching health categories with 190+ different digital coaching programs. The programs include videos, quizzes, and hundreds of learning modules.

Get Started with Digital Coaching

To get started with these digital coaching tools, sign in to the member portal. At the bottom right of the home screen under Member Resources, click on Well-Being Resources.

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