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2022 Provider Search Tools

Sysco is making changes to your benefits for 2022. To learn about what’s changing, go the the What’s Changing Page.

In 2022, Sysco is moving to a consolidated benefits model, which means that many of your benefits will be administered by Aetna. Aetna has one of the largest networks in the country, with 1.2 million health care professionals, over 690,000 primary care doctors and specialists and over 5,700 hospitals.

It’s important to make sure your medical, dental, behavioral health and other current providers are in the Aetna network before you begin using your benefits in January.

Click here to see if your provider is in the Aetna network. You will be prompted to select a plan name. The plan names will include the medical plans below:

2021 Provider Search Tools

Use these lookup tools to search for medical, dental and vision providers for 2021.


All four of Sysco’s plans—the Basic, PPO, HSA and the National HMO—are administered by BlueCross BlueShield and have the same network of doctors.

Find a Local BCBS Provider

Click here to find a provider in one of our regional HMO plans.

Find An HMO Provider
Hawaii Associates:

Click here to find a provider in one of our Hawaii or Guam plans.

Find A Provider


The Sysco Dental plan options — the Basic Option and the Premium Option — are administered by MetLife and allow you to use any dentist. However, your costs will be lower if you choose a dentist in the MetLife dental network.



The Vision plan only pays benefits when you use VSP providers. On VSP's website, click the Find a Doctor link at the top of the page, or type your zip code into the Find a VSP Doctor box.


HMO Providers

Blue Care Network of Michigan
Health Alliance Plan

(Once you set up your user login, you will see the correct network information for our plan)


(Select 'HMO' as your insurance plan)

Health Plan of Nevada

(Click on HMO)

Kaiser CO

(Select your region)

Kaiser N. CA

(Select your region)

Kaiser S. CA

(Select your region)

Kaiser NW

(Select your region)

Select Health

(Select your region)

UPMC Health Plan

(Under Know Your Plan Name, for coverage type choose “Coverage through Your Employer.” For Plan Name, choose “Premium Network Plans – PPO and EPO Plans.)

Hawaii & Guam Providers

HMSA CompMed
Kaiser HMO
StayWell Guam

(Under "Provider List" click on the "Provider Directory” for the current in-network providers)