2023 HR Preview Page for Annual Benefits Enrollment Nov. 16–30

Thank you for your support promoting 2023 Benefits Enrollment for our colleagues! Our goal is to ensure that colleagues fully understand their Sysco benefit options, review the benefits information, and use the available tools and resources to make their selections during the benefits enrollment period November 16–30.

Your Role

You play a critical role during this Benefits Enrollment. Please take a moment to review these communications. Do not share these communications with colleagues until all benefits enrollment materials have been delivered to colleagues' home addresses in November.

Encourage colleagues to review the mailer to sent to homes early in November and to review the content on SyscoBenefits.com, particularly in the Benefits Guide and in the FAQs. In addition, there is a page for colleagues new to Sysco benefits that has content specifically for colleagues enrolling for the first time.

FAQs for HR Use
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Important Resources

Colleagues will have questions. Here are some important resources you should direct them to:

Transition of Care

Transition of Care services are available if an colleague is currently in an active course of treatment that will be disrupted due to a change in medical plan. Some examples include a scheduled surgery, pregnancy or ongoing treatment for a serious illness or certain behavioral health conditions. Transition of Care services allows individuals to continue to work with their current care team for a designated period of time.

To initiate Transition of Care coverage, a colleague will need to complete a transition of care form that can be found here.

Aetna Healthcare Advocate

Colleagues can talk to an Aetna Healthcare Advocate before they enroll to get questions answered. The Aetna Healthcare Advocate can help with everything from understanding your benefit options and deciding which plan to choose to finding providers and managing claims.

Colleagues can contact the Aetna Healthcare Advocate in three ways:

  • Call at 1-833-361-0223. The dedicated team is available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, in the colleague's time zone.
  • Live chat from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday, in the colleague's time zone.
Benefits Warehouse

Encourage colleagues to tour the virtual Benefits Warehouse to see the full array of benefits Sysco offers. The Warehouse has videos, descriptions of the benefits and links to resources and colleagues can customize their own benefits video.

Sysco Benefits Center

The Sysco Benefits Center can help colleagues with questions about policies, eligibility and enrollment at 1-800-55-SYSCO, Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–7 p.m. CT.

Colleague Webpages

Each entity has their own webpage with customized information. Along with a PDF copy of the enrollment guide, the page also has detailed information about enrolling in Sysco benefits by November 30. Please encourage your colleagues to access these pages. Here are each group’s page:

Aetna Provider Search

To see if a medical, dental, behavioral health and other providers are in the Aetna network, click here. Users will be prompted to select a plan name. The plan names are below:

Preview of Communications

Benefits Enrollment Poster

Enrollment Posters to post at work locations beginning October 31.

Benefits Enrollment Flyer

Enrollment flyer to distribute at work locations beginning October 31. Translations are provided below.

HR Benefits Presentation

PDF copy and recording of the HR Briefing

Colleague Benefits Presentation

Use this to inform colleagues for 2023 Benefits Enrollment

When is Annual Benefits Enrollment?
How will colleagues enroll in benefits?
How can colleagues get their questions answered about benefits?
What is my role during Benefits Enrollment?
What resources do I have?
When does communication start for colleagues?
Who should I contact if I hear feedback from colleagues?
Does Aetna have a large network?
How do colleagues find an in-network Aetna provider?
If a current provider is not in network with Aetna, will there be transition of care for certain services?
Prescription drug coverage will be provided by Aetna/CVS in 2023. Do colleagues need to find new retail pharmacy or switch mail order service?
If a colleague is currently seeing a behavorial health provider, will they need to find a new provider for 2023?
When will colleagues get ID cards?
Do colleagues get an ID card for all benefits?
What will colleagues pay for benefits?